Vein’ Herbs is a Remedy for lower limb Circulation. It is a natural supplement that uses the beneficial properties of plants such as Horse Chestnut and Bilberry which favor leg movement tropism which reduce swelling and heaviness.

Vein’Herbs Plus

Are you struggling with swollen, tired and heavy legs? Or standing or sitting
cross-legged for long periods?

Vein Herbs plus is a 100% natural supplement made from plant extracts that favour leg movement tropism, help to promote blood circulation and strengthens blood capillaries. It assists in reducing swelling and the feeling of heavy legs.

R170.50 for 30 Tablets

The heart of Vein’Herbs is TROXERUTIN, a flavonoid extracted from the flowers of Sophora Japonica. Numerous clinical studies have demonstrated its efficacy and safety; in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, in the treatment of edema, in the prevention of microcirculation alterations even in case of medium-to-long distance, in the reduction of circulating endothelial cells (a marker of chronic venous damage)