Diurerbe Forte – a water retention remedy – 40 TABS

Duirerbe Forte is a dietary supplement made from plant extracts combined with a natural form of potassium and magnesium salts. Magnesium contributes to the balance of electrolytes in the human body


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product description

Water Retention, Oedema, Lymph Drainage, and Toxin Removal

The plant extracts are useful in promoting the elimination of excess fluids in the body. Water retention otherwise known as Oedema is where the body holds excess water.  Water is attracted by dissolved minerals that the body cannot get rid of. Duirerbe Forte combined with 1.5Liters water per day will enable the body to function optimally and self regulate mineral ions.

Together with Duirerbe Forte here are 6 tips that will help with the reduction of water retention naturally:
  • Eat less food with a high salt content
  • Eat enough vegetables, fruits and drink herbal teas
  • Drink lots of water. Adults should drink 1.5 liters or water per day
  • Increase your fiber intake
  • Exercise daily
  • Reduce stress by relaxing more often

How to use:
It is recommended to take at least 2 tablets a day with plenty of liquid, between meals. To promote the effectiveness of the product it is recommended to drink at least 1,5 liter of water during the day.

Keep out of reach of children under the age of three. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not take during pregnancy.

Per daily dose ingredients:

  • Betula pendula   300 mg
  • Betula pubescens   300 mg
  • Hawkweed dry extract tit. 1%   500 mg
  • Orthosiphon dry extract tit. 0,2%   200 mg
  • Goldenrod dry extract   200 mg
  • Bermuda grass dry extract   100 mg
  • Horsetail dry extract tit. 2%   100 mg
  • Potassium   300 mg
  • Magnesium   5 mg
  • Chlorides   4 mg

Duirerbe Forte does not contain dairy products, Gluten, Lactose, GMO-free.

Remedy for:
Water Retention, Oedema, Toxin Removal.

100 % Natural Origin, Suitable for vegans and a gluten-free diet.

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